Apply for CMO 2023

Before applying for CMO, please read the Requirements.

All applications for CMO 2023 are due no later than June 1, 2023.
How to Apply

1. If you don’t already have a passport, get one.

Even if you don’t end up coming to Ukraine, a passport is good to have. It takes time to get one, so don’t wait. U.S. citizens can pick up a passport application at any local Post Office or download one from You must have a United States or Canadian passport before you come to Ukraine. If you are not a US or Canadian citizen, please contact us before you apply for CMO.

2. Download the Info Pack and read it thoroughly.

Please don’t skim it, read it. Many of the questions you have, and several you probably haven’t thought of yet, will be answered in this document. Reading the Info Pack is required before you apply, and we will expect you to know the things contained in it.

Download Info Pack

3. Download the Ministry Guidelines and read them thoroughly.

This document contains a list of the basic guidelines by which all CMO team members must abide while serving overseas with Euro Team Outreach.

Download Ministry Guidelines

4. Download and review the Gear List.

This is a list of the essential items you will need during CMO 2023, including camping gear, clothing, and electronics. Most of the items on this list are required for all team members. You can also find the Gear List on page 10 of the Info Pack.

Download Gear List

5. Download, read, and sign the Liability Release.

We hope for the best, but it's important to plan for the unexpected. We want you to be clear about your responsibilties as a participant in CMO 2023. Once you've downloaded this release and read it thoroughly, please sign it and scan it to your computer. (Opt for either JPG or PDF format if possible.) You will be asked to upload your signed release during the application process.

Download Liability Release

6. Write down your personal testimony.

Please provide a brief description of how you came to personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Save this as a document on your computer in a format such as DOCX (Word) or PDF.

7. Find a good color photograph of yourself.

Please select a close-up, color photograph of yourself with your face clearly visible. This file should be in an image format, such as JPG/JPEG or PNG.

8. Apply online!

Once you've completed all the above steps, you're ready to begin the online application process. In order to access the application form (which uses Google Forms) you need to be signed in to your Google account. Click the button below to get started!

Got a question about CMO? Drop us a line!